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Sunrise Family


Sunrise Family

Sunrise Family Co., Ltd. is
Professional manufacfurer/exporter/distributor for aroma body, bath, hair and facial care.

Importing nature essential oil from France and producting high quality body care also most of our products are

being exported to Canada , and major countries of Asia.

「 Customer's Satisfaction 」 is our final goal target and What impressed our customor is our quality and reasonable price.


We are developing and investing New skilled aroma body and hair care protecting our environment. 

It will be a great pleasure to make service for you and your customers.



 2014.10. Contracted with Xetrax Grobal, Malaysia and start to export “Sang seng Che” And Salon O.E.M, O.D.M items

 2014.06. Contracted with Sanda Group, China to developing O.E.M,O.D.M cosmetic Items through Korean cosmetics factories

 2014.05. Contracted with Meili Cosmetics to cooperating O.E.M, O.D.M items and developing

                Fashion cosmetics to China and other countries

 2014.03. Announced “Arang” brand skincares, Mask pack to export Asian countries


 2013.06. Contract with China-show company to supply O.E.M.,O.D.M. items for “ sang seung che” items

 2013.05. Nominated “ E-Frontier Enterprise” member by G.S.B.C Gyenggi-Province


 2012.12. Contract with Bonjour Hong Kong as Cosmetic Items Vender and start to export Mask Pack and skin cares

 2012.06. Contract with  Aussie Tucker, Australia and start to export Mask pack to Australia and New Zealand

 2012.01. Contracted with L&P Group Exporter for Mediheal, Dr.Post,Isdani and Labocare

                Start to export it to many of foreign countries


 2011.12. Contract with Advision Company, USA start to export Mask pack and other Skin care items

 2011.08. Start to export skin cares and mask pack to Vietnam and Cambodia

 2011.01-11 Participate in Fair Booth for International Cosmetics Exhibitions.

                    ( Hong Kong, Moscow, Malaysia, mainland of China) and G-Fair in Local


 2010.08. Announced “Sang Seung Che” 2-step mask pack 4 kinds and start to sell to China, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, etc…

 2010.05. Announced our Aesthetics Brand “ Sang seung Che” total 38 items

 2010.03. Start to export Mask pack, Body cares, Skin Cares to Russian market

 2010.01  Got the Health Certificate Laurarosse, Mediheal, Isdani items form Russian Government


 2009.11. Joined Inter Charm Moscow and contracted with Satory company, Moscow.

 2009.07. Contract with L&P Group Representative Overseas business and Export Leaders Clinie Mask pack to Foreign countries

 2009.02. Start to Export Body ,Hair cares to Russian market through Pacific Asian Group


 2008.10. Contract with Pacific Korean Group., Russia.

 2008.04. Contract with Saimdang company Korean Herbal Brand to export to China,Japan and Asian countries

 2008.03. Contract with Cos-line Makeup Brand export to Overseas countries

 2008.02. Export to South America 3 countries


 2007.06. Export to China RYB Group 600,000pcs

 2007.01. Contract with China RYB Group OE.M. 14 items by Laurarosse Brand

 2006.12. Nominated Gold mark enterprise for E-Trade by KOTRA

 2006.08. Contract with Summax Co. as China agent

 2006.05. contract with Baby skin Taiwan,Singapore & Malaysia

 2006.04. Contract with Terranova as South American agent

 2006.03. Contract with C.Y.C Co. as Canada agent

 2006.01. Contract with Courmix Hong Kong agent


 2005.01. Announced Angvido & Lee's Aroma as gift set brand


 2004.10. Moved head office & warehouse to Hanam City

 2004.05. Nominated dealer for LG mart& Carrefour

 2004.04. Nominated dealer for Lotte mart & Home plus

 2004.03. Announced Laurarosse as our main brand

 2004.02. Nominated dealer for E-mart,Wall mart


 2003.12. Nominated dealer for yundai.Lotte,Shinsegye department-store

 2003.08. Established company

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