How to use

Using a sponge, clean thoroughly. After cleaning the supplies, rinse thoroughly with water.


1)Tangerine extract
2)Orange extract
3)Bergamot fruit extract
4)Dried orange peel
5)Houttuynia cordata extract
6)Poria cocas Wolf extract
7)Gold extract


Product descriptions
Clean dish cleaner that contains natural surfactants
• It contains natural surfactants and baking soda and along with the rolling-up cleaning system it helps clean bottles without leaving and residues. Trusted dish cleanser
• It can be trusted for it only uses natural ingredients from gold, dried orange peel, houttuynia cordata extract and citrus herb essence (orange, tangerine, and bergamot). Not only used on dishes but also fruits and vegetables
• It contains Ministry of Health and Welfare notified base materials, and is therefore not only used on dishes but also used on fruits and vegetables.

Volume 500ml

beberang Baby Dish Cleaner