How to use

Wet any bottles, pacifiers, or any other nursing supplies that need to be cleansed. Then using a brush or a sponge, clean thoroughly. After cleaning the supplies, rinse thoroughly with water.


1)Tangerine extract
2)Orange extract
3)Bergamot fruit extract


Product descriptions
Clean bottle cleaner that contains natural surfactants
• It contains natural surfactants and baking soda and along with the rolling-up cleaning system it helps clean bottles without leaving and residues. Trusted bottle cleanser
• It only uses plant-based ingredients such as natural citrus herbal essence (orange, tangerine, and bergamot) that are gentle to the skin, and because it contains baking soda it also removes harmful germs. Foam type formula for easy use
• Easy use because of its foam type formula
Rolling-up washing + Natural cleaning system + Antibacterial ingredients


Volume 350ml

beberang Baby Feeding Bottle cleaner