How to use

Dissolve the usual amount of detergent in water and use the soap water to gently wash the clothes by hands or put washable clothes in the washing machine and pour in the indicated amount of detergent in the indicated slot.


2)Saponaria officinalis extract
3)Pulsatilla koreana extract


Product descriptions
Clean laundry detergent that does not leave any residue
• It includes natural ingredients (quilaya, sapindus mukurossi fruit, and saponaria officinalis extract) and other natural surfactants (palm oil, or palm tree extracts) and is thus safe to use. Protects baby’s clothes and skin by using natural ingredients
• It includes natural plant based antibacterial ingredients (zanthoxylum piperitum fruit, usnea, and pulsatilla koreana extract) and natural fermented vinegars that protect the baby’s skin and clothes from external germs. No additional chemicals
• It does not include fluorescent whitening agent, synthetic colors, bleaching agent, and alkylbenzenes.

Volume 1300ml

beberang Baby Laundry Detergent