How to use

Use an appropriate amount after washing, or giving your baby a bath, and gently massage the product on your baby’s face and body.


Product descriptions
Natural plant based oil for skin protection
• Natural plant based oils such as macadamia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and etc. create a moisturizing barrier to help the skin maintain the ideal balance of oil and moisture.
• Shea butter keeps the skin moisturized for the entire day. Intense hydration for dry skin
• Ingredients that are extremely moisturizing such as extracts from sprout extract and buckwheat extract provide a strong moisturizing barrier for the skin. Natural plant based extracts for sensitive skin
• Ingredients that have soothing effects such as bean, chamomile flower, licorice root, centella asiatica extract soothe sensitive baby skin. No additional chemicals
• It does not include harmful ingredients such as synthetic colors, parabens, synthetic fragrance, talc, animal derived ingredients, mineral oils, TEA, sulfate, and etc.


1)Macadamia seed oil
2)Swede sprout extract
3)Shea butter
4)Jojoba seed oil
5)Sunflower seed oil
6)Chamomile flower extract


Volume 130ml

beberang Soft Aqua Milk Lotion