Liadde8 Horse Oil Ampoule Mask

  • Features (Whitening + Anti-wrinkle)

    Natural horse oil ingredients, complete with precious horse oil colostrum protein and protein capsules, containing a variety of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, so that cells rebirth, super skin-friendly so that nutrition can quickly penetrate into skin, make skin smooth and delicate, and in the surface of the skin to form a protective film, the effect is long lasting.

    Natural Cellulose Sheet & Gentle Ingredients for a home-spa exprience

    The mask sheet is produced entirely from find linter, the short fiber to the cotton ball that develops between its seeds and long fibers.
    The mask sheets as the world’s only cellulosic continuous-filament nonwoven has a superior liquid absorbency, thermal stability, pick-up, purity and biodegradability