Protection of skin from ultraviolet lays and external stimulation & Shiny skin of transparent bright!

A multi benefit BB Cream that tints, primes, corrects and prevents uneven skintone and protects skin from UVA/UVB.
Instantly skin is left bright, radient, and beautiful

Filtered snail slime & arbutin, etc.
Make skin moist and pure with good components for pure skin-tone~
Shiny BB Cream of sensitive prescription expressed by transparent and bright skin

5-Free hypo-allergenic BB cream without stimulation to skin
NO mineral oil NO parabens NO alcohol NO fragrance NO talc

Protects skin from the Sun
AS the functional cosmetics protecting ultraviolet rays, SPF 37 / PA++, it protects skin safely from UVA and UVB which are harmful to skin.

Hydrating healthy skin Formula
It makes skin moist and healthy with filtered snail slime produced by Chile. And, it’s a formula of sensitive prescription, which can be used safely by sensitive skin.

Darkening & Oil Free Effect
As a refresh covering formula with superior skin-congeniality, skin maintains clean for a long time without any spot of darkening or oil after makeup.

Natural-Shine Effect
It attaches to skin thinly and lightly, covers skin flaws such as pore, etc. naturally and displays healthy and shiny skin emphasizing skin’s own shine and smoothness.

Tone-up & Brighten Skin
Because of Arbutin, Niacinamide and giga-white, it is helpful to care skin-tone and maintain skin pure and transparent.

Mediental Medisnail Bright BB Cream