A concentrate aloe gel with excellent hydrating effect and quickly calms skin that has been irritated by external irritation. (Special hydrating cream)

Mediheal Aloe Vera Aqua Gel

  • ≫ Concentrated aloe vera relieves the thirst in skin that has become dry and rough as a result of
    lack of moisture, and forms a moisture barrierto bring back vitality to the skin by retaining the
    skin’s moisture.
    ≫ Epidermal growth factor, E.G.F recovers damaged skin healthily due to the internal and external
    factor, and returns lost skin viability. Also, it gives strong elasticity and firming effect to saggy
    ≫ Due to Niacinamide, a kind of Vitamin B3, it hinders melanin and prevents pigmentation, and
    green extract makes dark skin tone white and bright.
    ≫ Aloe vera with excellent skin calming and hydrating effect, Althaea rosea root (patent pending) with excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and Centella asiatica effectively calm skin irritated by external environment or red painful skin to help heal damaged skin.
    ≫ This is a clear type hydrating cream with a cool, fresh, hydrating feel.