Black bee Whitening care
(Brightening function)

Whitening solution
Pearl extract, (Patent no. 10-0966835) Herbal extract (Medagroprom extract, Glycyrrhizauralensis extract, Polygonuim extract, Phellinus
linteus extract, Moraceae extract, sophora flavescens extract, Cimicfuga racemosa root extract, black seasame extract, Angelica gigas nakai extract, gold extract)

"Stay in beauty while even caring skin"

Use luxurious Cupra fabric which has high transparency which gives 3D effect
One of strength of Cupra fabric’s excellent skin adhesion
No Color drainage – Boiled at 95c and no color drainage seen
Use harmless ink to protect skin from skin tinted by colour.
Patent no. mask pack and manufacture 10-2014-0166894
Manufactured by the Original manufacturer of print maskpack which exports it to Japan
No added 6 ingredient !!
(Talc, Mineral Oil, Benzophenone, Silcone, artificial pigment, Surfact)

1. After cleanse skin and trim with toner, apply mask sheet on face
2. Take off mask sheet after 10-20 minutes
3. Tap with fingers for better absorption

Mediheal Mask Dress - Black