Anti-wrinkle skin care products help skin defend against the signs of aging and skin problems for men based on the mentox system.

Mediheal MenTox Homme Anti-wrinkle Skin Care

  • * Total Anti-aging Men’s Skin Care with Mantox Therapy System solves complex skin troubles(wrinkle, revitalization, elasticity, brightening, moisturizing, pore) of modern men with busy lifestyle and cares aging and saggy skin.

    Men Tox Homme Anti-aging Skin Toner (150ml)
    After-Shave Toner with Anti-wrinkle functionality gives younger and elastic skin and brightens your skin by giving immediate refreshment and moisture and reducing wrinkles.
    Low alcohol, hypoallergenic skin eases men’s dry skin caused by external stimuli and often shaving. Its pore control function prevents excessive sebum and cares widened pores caused by lower elasticity so it keeps your skin elastic and silky.
    [Directions for Use]
    Apply proper amount evenly after washing your face or shaving and gently pat to absorb.

    Men Tox Homme Anti-aging Emulsion (150ml)
    Anti-wrinkle functionality lotion delivers health energy full of moisture and nutrition and cares men’s wrinkles on men’s aging skin and brightens skin tone.
    This product helps skin metabolism smoothly, protects men’s skin available to get troubles from external stimuli, and eases tired skin. Also, fast absorbed refreshment without stickiness controls the production of sebum and keeps the balance of oil & moisture to make your skin healthy and lively.
    Directions for Use]
    Apply proper amount evenly after Skin toner using and gently pat to absorb.