Protect and calm the sensitive skin damaged by external environment by filing with moisture

● Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid extract ●
 Strong moisture protector !
- Moisture (External) : Protect from moisture evaporation → Preserve moisture level
- Moisture (Internal) : Direct moisture effect
 Increase skin elasticity and activate skin cells
- Collagen and elastin increase skin elasticity
→ Skin volumming !
- Activate porcine fibroblast cell → Enhances cell growing level
Maximize its effect by using saccharomyces which has great effect on skin

■ Recommended user
-On dry skin type
-Fresh and cooling skin type
-Skin type needs to be filled with moisture
-Glossy by oily skin type but have dry skin deep inside
-Complex skin type
-Sensitive skin type
-Damaged skin type as a result of sun exposure
-Mositure care on face and body

■ Use it as
-Use it as moisture cream or facial mask
-Shinning skin
-Moisturized and silky body care
-Eye patch
-After shaving cream
-Nail essence
-Skin Calming cream

■ Use of direction
1. Apply it on the body as like massage it
2. more effective way to use is apply it after shower and before go to bed
3. Especially elbow area in the winter time

※ We recommend you to keep it in fridge before use

Mediheal N.M.F Aquaring hyalulon gel