A long-lasting sun cream with skin elastic ingredient E.G.F and collagen. (It lasts for 12 hours)

Mediheal Power Lasting Sun Black

  • (Strengthens skin’s elasticity and protects from photo aging)
    The Nobel prize winning ingredient of one’s dreams E.G.F and marine collagen solves problems of loss of elasticity due to UV rays by helping collagen synthesis to improve elasticity and heal damage in skin texture for smoother, healthier skin.
    (Long Lasting UV Cut)
    Its SPF 50+, PA+++ protection provides strong shield against UV A, B and effectively protects the skin B which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor activities.
    (Water Proof & Sand Proof)
    Its water resistance prevents it from being washed away by sweat or water, it does not need to be reapplied because of its long lasting effect, and because it is not greasy or sticky, particles
    such as sand does not stick to the skin so it is perfect for the beach or other outdoor activities.
    (For Sensitive Skin)
    Cactus extract help safely and comfortably calms irritated skin, and it is safe to use on young
    children and sensitive skin.
    (Long keep hydration)
    Hydrating ingredients such as trehalose and hyaluronic acid deliver moisture to skin that has become tried and dry from exposure to the sun and helps the skin’s ability to retain moisture for soft hydrated skin.
    (Make-up Base)
    It’s natural skin color naturally corrects the skin tone and can be use as a makeup base.