1st step : Spread hot serum
2nd Step : Intensive care the fat with patch

Lifting hot body serum
Wrinkle functional cosmetics
(Approved by KFDA)
Tightening hot body serum - Tightly reconstruct body
Ingredients: Adiposlim, Chilly extract, Caffeine, Coffee extract, Mate leaf extract.

Special -S Body patch
Super tight adhesion hydrogel patch
(PVP Hydrogel type)
TDDS: Transdermal delivery - Massage with Serum and tightly wrap your belly fat with hydrogel patch for intensive care

1.Spread out ‘lifting hot body serum’ on the area where the intensive body care is needed
2.Massage with serum for better absorption and open ‘ special-S body patch’ and apply on belly, thigh, arms where you
3.We recommend to use the patch in exercising(6hours) or sleeping, effective in 72hours

Mediheal special-S double effect body patch

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