Simplicity UP! Moisturizing UP!
In the all in one type of hand pack the enriched essence is melted in linin (felt) and out shell (OPP). Without having complicated caring steps, only one step is needed.
Wear it just as gloves and adjust the size with patented sticker
(Patent no. 10-1005321)
Play with smartphone or do your business with it
while you are wearing gloves.

♣ How to use
1. Wash your hands and completely dry them.
2. After opening the product, remove the mask,
dip hands into each gloves according to the dotted lines
3. Remove the paper at the back of sticker attached to hand sheet and adjust
size on your wrist.
(For better absorption, massage your hands)
4. Remove hand mask after 15-20 mins, massage hands with remained essence
for further absorption. (No need to wash off)

♣ Targeted users
1. For dry, rough and wrinkled hands
2. After being exposed to cold water or dry air for long
3. For untidy cuticles due to dryness and undernourishment
4. In fall and winter (dry season)
5. Who wants sufficient nutrition and moisturizing on severe splits and dry hands
6. Being exposed to external environment for long time
(housewife who are mostly in charge of washing dishes and office workers spending most of their time on typing)
7. Felt uncomfortable on other products, for not tightening enough or insufficient moisturizing
8. Keen to care in a free time at home

Mediheal Theraffin Hand Mask