Contains real gold with 99% purity  It contains gold with 99.9% purity that cares for damaged skin with its soothing, detoxing, anti-inflammatory effects and it helps your skin maintain its health.  
Creates new vitality and suppleness for your skin Copper Peptide, which has collagen synthesis effects, helps rejuvenate your skin by creating suppleness and adds new vitality to your skin.  
Anti-wrinkle care that also improves suppleness It  helps accelerate the creation of collagenase, enzymes that break collagen, and thus has anti-wrinkle effects. 
High in nutrients that strengthens your skin As soon as this cream is applied on your skin, it has a smooth finish and it helps your skin regain its suppleness and protects your skin so that you can have glowing skin. 

NEWE Golden Label Deluxe Cream