Contains real gold with 99% purity  Gold of 99% purity helps the skin maintain its radiance and health, by helping the body’s metabolism.  
Copper Peptide is excellent for skin rejuvenation  Copper Peptide, which has anti-aging rejuvenating effects, creates hydration and suppleness for your skin, in order for your skin to maintain its prime condition and create glowing skin.  
Anti-wrinkle care that also improves suppleness It contains adenosine, substance well known for anti-wrinkle care, and it also helps accelerate the creation of collagenase, enzymes that break collagen, and thus has anti-wrinkle effects. 
High nutrition, intense hydration emulsion Emulsion high in nutrients provides your skin with nutrition and hydration; it strengthens the outer layer of the skin and protects your skin so that it can maintain its hydration and health.

NEWE Golden Label Deluxe Emulsion