Contains real gold with 99% purity  It is a high quality essence, containing gold with 99.9% purity that cares for damaged skin with its soothing, detoxing, antiinflammatory effects and it helps your skin maintain its health.  
Enhancement in skin suppleness Copper peptide has a direct effect on the protein that comprises the skin, and thus helps your skin maintain its suppleness.   
Anti-wrinkle care that also improves suppleness It contains adenosine, substance well known for anti-wrinkle care, and it also helps accelerate the creation of collagenase, enzymes that break collagen, and thus has anti-wrinkle effects. 
High in nutrients that strengthens your skin This essence is highly concentrated but once you apply it on your skin, it is immediately absorbed deep in to the skin, without leaving any residue. 

NEWE Golden Label Deluxe Essence