-Skin turnover peeling which Includes AHA, BHA
-2 types distinguished by acid level (7%/9)

No need to wash ~
▶ AHA Peeling softly use by skin texture
All Clear ! Clear skin surface
▶ Care dead skin , blackhead, skin waster and rough skin texture
White Up
▶ Brightening skin type without skin troubles.

1. Trim skin after cleansing with toner
2. Open the package and put cotton swab in its package
3. Massage the area with cotton swab except eye and mouth
(use on Nose, T zone and elbow area for deadskin care)
4. Do not need to wash it out . Finish skin care step with light care
5. We recommend you to use sun screen product after use
※ We recommend to use it 1~2 times use in a week but use it depends on skin type and its condition
※ Please do not reuse cotton swab and make sure it’s firmly closed

Peelosoft XP expert care