▶ Rich and concentrated moisturizing elements make dry skin moist and elastic. E.G.F and snail mucin filtrate prevent skin damages and improve the condition.

▷ Unsaturated fatty acid contained in shea butter maintains skin's oil and moist balance and elasticity. ("natural moisturizing film" formed on the skin)
▷Macadamia nut oil, whose structure is quite similar to that of human skin sebum, makes skin elastic and moist as it contains a lot of vitamin and fat and has an excellent penetrating effects.
▷ 80% of argan oil contents is unsaturated fatty acid - oleic acid and linoleic acid. (outstanding moisturizing effects) The contents of tocopherol are twice as much as those of olive oil, which helps controlling the actions of oxygen armful to the human body and slowing down the aging process with the antioxidant effect.
▷ Adenosine is one of cell elements that helps skin properly respond to light and heat. The primary effect is to produce energy as part of ATP ingredients and activate skin cell activity. In addition, it control inflammation to skin or adenosine acceptors of immune cells, which controls inflammation reactions, facilitates cell reproduction, and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Snail Nutrient Cream